In Conversation With Ameen Sayani Part-II

By • Mar 25th, 2007
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In Part-II Mr. Sayani talks about his early days of his radio career and takes us back to the 1940s and 1950s.

How did he start his career? What were the early days like are some of the things that Mr. Sayani talks about in this episode.

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  1. Place: Bangalore, Date:Mar 26, Time: 11:25 am

    I tried yesterday, at home, on Sunday to listen online.
    I couldn’t. I tried downloading. I couldn’t.
    I posted a quick comment informing you and hoping this was a temporary glitch.

    This Monday morning, I tried again downloading the mp3 file at my office.
    I failed.
    What’s up?
    Is the problem at your end or mine?

    I’ll keep trying now and then. Meanwhile if you know that others have succeeded I would like to know what I am doing wrong. I have managed to download and listen to most of your previous podcasts (from the archives) without any problem.

    G Vishwanath

  2. [...] Mr. Ameen Sayani, the eminent broadcaster was in many ways the voice of Radio Ceylon and in this podcast interview Mr. Sayani talks about the ban of Bollywood film music, and how Radio Ceylon came into existence. This is Part-2 of our conversation with Mr. Sayani, who is arguable India’s best recognized radio and broadcast personality. Technorati tags: Ameen Sayani, Radio Ceylon, Radio, Bollywood No comments for Bollywood Film Music Banned? » [...]

  3. Okay Kamla. You can ignore my previous comment.

    I finally managed to download and listen to part 2.

    My ears pricked up when he mentioned that some minister in his infinite wisdom had banned Hindi Film music from All India Radio.

    I strained my ears to catch the name of this minister and was disappointed to see both of you tactfully leaving the name shrouded in mystery.

    Come on Kamla.
    Be a sport.
    I am bursting with curiousity.
    What is the name?
    If you can’t divulge it on this public forum, you can at least whisper it in my ears by sending me a private e mail. I am willing to promise not to tell any one unless of course he / she in turn promises not to tell any one.

    I missed part 1.
    How do I listen to part 1?
    I located it on the podcast site but there was no “download” or “listen” icon to click on.

    I look forward to future parts.
    G Vishwanath

  4. [...] I want to thank all of you who emailed me asking about the show and when I was going to upload it. Thanks for your remainders and I apologize for the delay. Hope you enjoyed listening to the various episodes of In Conversation With Ameen Sayani( Part-I, II, III, IV,V and Final).  I certainly had a wonderful time doing the interview. There is no substitute for hard work was the constant thought that flashed in my mind when I observed Mr. Sayani working in his studio in Mumbai.  [...]

  5. The information and broadcasting minister who banned film music from All India Radio was B V Keskar, who was the first I & B minister of India ( from 1952 to 1961).

  6. Hello,

    If you type the name “B V Keskar” on Google’s search page, you will find, among the results, a video profiling the then I & B minister of India. You might want to see the rest of the video.

  7. Thanks Atul and Venky for sharing the name of the minister.

    Venky…will check out the video of Keskar. Good tip.

    Thanks for listening and writing in.



  8. Incidentally, I have not been able to locate part 1 of this interview till date.

  9. I just listened to your interview with Ameen Sayani Part 2, and must tell you how much I enjoyed it. However, where do I find Part 1 and 3. Much obliged if you could help me out

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